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Bonding and financial stability are the assurances you need to flourish and grow. We understand that your bonding program is a lifeline to future opportunities. Bonding needs, whether planned or immediate, need to be met promptly and accurately – there can be no surprises.

That’s why Brown & Brown’s Surety Practice investment in experienced, knowledgeable professionals delivers the advantage your organization needs in meeting its bonding demands. Contractors, municipalities and multinational corporations trust Brown & Brown everyday with their bonding needs. Why? It’s because we simplify the process and provide customized solutions for each unique situation. That’s the Brown & Brown advantage…a difference you can rely on.


BBNW and CNA Surety have partnered to offer our customers notary bond solutions. Apply for a bond here.

Tailored Surety Solutions | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance Portland, Oregon

Tailored Surety Solutions

The surety business has remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years. What has changed is the way Brown & Brown addresses the system. We know your company’s surety program is as unique as your company. That’s precisely why we work to tailor your surety program to your specific needs. Our professionals review your financials to determine any issue that might arise prior to interacting with the surety market place. We work with you, your CPA and accountants to present your business in the best possible light to maximize your surety program. We help you craft a program that is flexible, complete and meets your company objectives.The result is you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Clearly understanding your needs drives Brown & Brown’s surety practice. Surety is not a one-size-fits all process. Each surety program has specific conditions and unique issues that affect the outcome of your projects and require keen attention to detail. We make sure that we understand what you need and what you want the final product to look like.

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Programs Designed to Satisfy Your Needs

•  Through an understanding of your surety needs. We design a program that fits seamlessly into your processes.
•  By understanding and communicating your
organization’s risks and providing the necessary education to the bonding company.
–  Brown & Brown assesses your risks and mitigates your bonding frustrations. We review your company’s operations, culture, financial plans, results, and goals which allows us to provide a comprehensive summary of your organization to the bonding companies we represent.
–  Communicating with a surety company is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of a surety professional job. To achieve the best results fluid communication is essential by creating a plan and timeline to deliver program options
–  Ongoing communication with you and the bonding company creates an interactive program that meets deadlines, fulfills wish lists and reduces the stress of managing your bonding program. Creating realistic milestones and developing a service plan that meets your needs is one of the tools that helps us serve you better.

Dedicated to Your Success | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance Portland, Oregon

Dedicated to Your Success

•  Reputations are built on results. Consistently delivering high quality, exceptional value, and on- time projects earns respect and fuels growth. Brown & Brown’s Surety Practice strives to meet these same expectations with your bonding program.
•  Even the best planning requires changes and last minute response. Our surety partners are equipped to deliver bonds quickly throughout the country, where and when you need them.
•  Brown & Brown has created a dedicated bonding department around contractors and corporations needs. Our surety professionals have the tools necessary to provide quick response, accurate documents and timely delivery.
•  These tools include:
–  An electronic bond form library
–  Underwriting authority
–  Remote execution capability
–  Internal quality control
–  Experienced staff

Karl Choltus | BBNW

Karl Choltus

Senior Vice President, Director of Surety
BBNW Staff Portrait of Stefan Englelhardt

Stefan Engelhardt

Account Executive, Surety
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Kelly Niemela

Vice President, Senior Account Executive