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Running your business profitably is your number one priority.  Managing  your overall cost of risk is one of the most challenging aspects in controlling your business costs. It’s because of this priority that Brown & Brown puts your cost of risk at the top of if its’ service list.

Having a strong risk management program that is well-formulated to fit into your business strategy is just the beginning.  We know that it takes more than great claims handling and follow-up to control the overall cost of risk. That’s precisely why Brown & Brown has built a Risk Management Team of highly skilled professionals with the expertise to help you manage your risk.

We know that to reduce your cost of risk requires an understanding of the potential exposures that face your business every day.  Enterprise risk management is just one of the many distinctive tools we bring to your organization and tailor to your unique needs. This approach allows you to overcome the risk challenges you face on a daily basis. Preventing losses and reducing risk is the best available means of controlling your risk program.

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    Risk Management Services | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance

    Risk Management Services

    Allowing your organization’s risk to go unchecked is potentially the greatest exposure and liability your business will encounter. At Brown & Brown, we know that being prepared is the best approach to reducing your risk and exposure.  We are your risk partner and will be there with you creating a risk management program that meets your specific needs and risk profile.

    By providing consistent and ongoing risk management services and training, we will improve your staff’s knowledge and awareness while reducing the costs associated with risk.  Simply stated, Brown & Brown’s aggressive and effective risk management program is money-in-the-bank and delivers the peace-of-mind you deserve.

    Loss Prevention | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance

    Loss Prevention

    Brown & Brown’s Risk Team has 150 years of safety and loss control history which allows them to help you comply with OSHA rules.  Your B&B team will help you keep up with the latest rules and changes as OSHA enhances their program to help you keep your work place safe and accident free. 

    Our face to face consulting and online tools provided by B&B will help you stay on top of this ever changing environment.  You will have access to the best safety library and best practices to help you achieve your goals.

    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance


    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration continues to make changes to their program to keep work places safe.  Our team will help you keep up to date on the new law changes and regulations that effect you.  With monthly bulletins and consultation staff your job will seem easier. 

    Brown & Brown provides online video training as well as in person training designed to meet your needs and staff.  With any governmental agency, they require record keeping which can be confusing and difficult to keep track of.  We provide training on these topics and also provides you options to track you incidents, 300 log and claims online.  Our goal is to help you become more effective and to save you time and money. 

    Risk Services: Safety | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance

    Protecting Your Resources & Staff

    Safety is not just a word, but means a condition of being protected from or unlikely harm or damage to property and or injury. At Brown & Brown, our risk team focuses its efforts around your needs.  We review your programs and help create the best possible solution to protect your resources and people. 

    In many cases insurance can solve some of these issue, and there are others that require safety and risk techniques that transfer the risk or reduce the chance of loss taking place.  We at Brown & Brown want to be your partners in solving your safety concerns.

    Tim Clarke | BBNW

    Tim Clarke

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    Matt Koch

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    Brad Miller

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