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Brown & Brown Northwest Mountain | BBNW Portland, OR
Quinn Millegan
19:48 18 Feb 20
Amazing agency. Darcie is our agent and we love our coverage and their service!
Patricia Rose
19:13 15 Jan 20
Awesome,always helpful !
David T
05:04 22 Nov 19
I recently inquired about several insurance questions due to my possible relocation to Vancouver WA. I spoke with a very knowledgeable and professional agent named Gretta Gerdau. She was quick to answer all of my questions and even made suggestions on things I wasn't even aware of. If my transfer becomes reality I will definitely be using Brown and Brown Northwest and have Gretta as my agent.
Andrew Cataldo
20:54 14 Nov 19
Love working with Brown and Brown and specifically Anne Martin. She does a fantastic job for us, finding the right rates and coverage. She is always available to walk me through things as well. Would highly recommend.
Erica Brooks
16:43 31 Oct 19
Brown & Brown, Anne Martin in particular, have been outstanding, highly responsive to questions, great in problem solving, and adept in issue spotting. I highly recommend B&B NW.
Emily Lee
19:30 09 Sep 19
Brown and Brown has been fantastic to work with for my family. Anne Martin, our agent, is especially wonderful. She's prompt, effecient, and so responsive to our needs. I would definitely recommend Anne as well as Brown and Brown to work with.
Jeff Neal
22:40 22 Aug 19
The team at Brown & Brown does an excellent job! We have been a commercial insurance customer of theirs for many years and they have always provided excellent service and been a great support. Our business is constantly growing and changing and they are quick to respond...with a smile and great attitude. In particular, our Account Manager Patty Gaines has just been a pleasure to work with!
Chelsea Dunn
15:06 15 Aug 19
I've been a client of B&B for as long as I've been driving, and my parents have been clients for years before me. Ann is an absolute rock star who has always been so helpful and gone above and beyond for me when I've needed help getting coverage or when I've had questions. I highly reccomend Brown & Brown, and especially Ann.
Joanne Bolivar
02:18 11 Jul 19
The moorage where I live on a floating home has out of the ordinary insurance needs. As the VP on the board for the moorage my responsibility is the insurance coverage. It became apparent my ability to interpret coverage for specific areas was sadly lacking. I both talked and emailed Connie Chung and she is indeen the epitome of the perfect insurance provider. Every question was answered in an email within minutes with an explanation even I could understand. Connie Chung provided a photo of the page where the elusive answer to my question was residing. I then could present to the board with clarity of thought and answers with confidence. Thank you.
Oren Avneri
22:00 20 Jun 19
Having B&B as our primary insurance group, we are constantly impressed with their professional approach to any request. Always friendly and courteous, they provide the standard of excellence we know will never change. Thanks you all at B&B; Patty, Betsy and the team!!!! GTS Shipping Window, Inc. / NW Relocation, Inc.
Bill Murphy
21:00 13 Jun 19
I have worked with Brown and Brown in my capacity as Risk Manager of a large mechanical contractor/construction company. They have always been very responsive - not only about particular policy matters but also with regard to educating me about the finer points of insurance. Along the way, I earned a Construction Risk Insurance Specialist certification - most of what I know about commercial insurance I learned from the good folks at BBNW.
Tammy Hardy
18:02 13 Jun 19
Susan Reynolds is fabulous and a great help to our company!
Mary Jones
21:39 31 May 19
I am a long time customer of Brown and Brown and have dealt with them primarily through email . Gretta has always been efficient , kind and knowledgeable . I have never had a moment of feeling insecure or confused about my coverage . Gretta makes sure that I am kept informed and any changes are made promptly. I recommend this company .
Lindy McGrouther
14:35 20 May 19
I can't say enough great things about Gretta Gerdau. She has been our insurance agent for many years and whenever I call or email Gretta, she responds promptly and is always willing to put in the extra effort to help us find the best solution. Two of my children are also insured with Gretta, so she pretty much is our family agent! Thank you Gretta!
Amber Summers
22:49 17 May 19
B & B is great to work with. Cathi Pham, our account manager, is very knowledgeable and takes very good care of us.
Dana Lackey
01:35 17 May 19
Wonderful customer service! They are friendly and efficient. Highly recommend this company.
Adam Nelson
04:22 16 May 19
I am a second generation Brown & Brown customer with complete satisfaction. I also no longer live in the area but continue to utilize them for all of our insurance needs because of the excellent history. We have not been without claims and everything has been a positive experience. Our agent, Don Dire, takes care of every issue with a personal touch. I will be a customer for many years to come!
Terri Brooks
22:03 15 May 19
I Love everyone that i deal with on an regular bases, they are very nice, fast, patient and very informative.
Justin Tocher
16:23 15 May 19
We are grateful for the partnership we have with Brown & Brown. Cathi is always quick to answer my questions. It's great to see them monthly at our meetings.
TJay Wirth
15:15 10 May 19
B&B has been great to work with over the years. Both Sue and Rick are top notch and service our needs with great and prompt service.
Neil Knight
20:06 07 May 19
Cathi and Ron do a great job of providing input, direction, and taking care of our insurance needs!
Paula Mercer
19:47 07 May 19
Thank you Sue Caskey for always being friendly, professional and answering all of our questions promptly with patience!
A Lamm
17:42 06 May 19
5 out of 5 stars for both technical expertise and customer service.
Regina Castro
15:32 06 May 19
We have worked with Brown & Brown for many years. Their personalized attention has helped to identify areas for improvement in our day to day practices, and their unparalleled customer support has helped us to implement these changes. We have also taken advantage of the tremendous amount of training offered through Brown & Brown. We thank them for being a pleasure to work with!
Natalie McEwen
22:15 03 May 19
I've worked with the people at Brown & Brown on both sides of the table through their different names for the last 12-13 years. They are easy to work with and are always prompt and cheerful in responding to our requests for information. MIchaelene Thomas and Cathi Pham are the best! Thank you for making our jobs easier!
Emily Hurd
21:59 03 May 19
Brown and Brown NW has the best representatives you could ask for when it comes to insurance, our company has used them for years and they have always been transparent and have made obvious that they care and want the best for our company just like we do.
Kimberlee Long
18:18 03 May 19
Working with Michaelene Thomas at B&B Northwest has been a pleasure. She provides great customer service and her communication skills are always appreciated. Looking forward to all future business with Brown and Brown Northwest.
Bri Str
16:48 03 May 19
I have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Brown and Brown. Ron and Michaelene are always available to me and provide assistance on many different insurance issues and questions. Their knowledge and expertise makes the things I do on a daily basis much easier. Thank you!
Marlon Folden
15:54 03 May 19
Needed to add another car and family member to our auto insurance. Michael White got the job done in a couple hours! Great service!
Tanya Woodson
15:19 03 May 19
The City of Hillsboro has been with Brown & Brown for a few years now and we are always impressed by their professionalism, outstanding customer service, understanding of the insurance industry and recommendations for insurance coverage. Our Account Manager, Michaelene Thomas, is friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. She is very responsive to our questions and is an all around 10! Ron Cutter and Tim Clarke complete our B&B NW Team and provide us with excellent resources and guidance throughout the year. This is an amazing group and we really enjoy working with them!
Rocco Russo
16:38 02 May 19
My company has been using Brown and Brown for several years now and we are very happy with the service that is provided. As we have been growing our needs have increased and our account manager Sue Caskey has been extremely helpful in helping us meet the demands of the various landlords and state agencies that we have to deal with. I just recently recommended them to a business acquaintance that is in the same field as we are.
Troy Van Dinter
23:18 01 May 19
Susan Reynolds is the best, if you are a construction company in the northwest you need to consider Brown & Brown Northwest
Bonnie Huard
16:54 30 Apr 19
In the nearly 8 years since I came to work at my organization that utilizes the agent services of BBNW, all of the members on my agency team have been excellent service providers and partners with me in my risk and insurance work. In addition to the strong insurance marketing and servicing work our BBNW team provides, the frequent help we receive from our risk management consultant, Tim Clarke, has been a tremendous benefit and resource for us over and over again in the areas of risk management and claims advocacy—outstanding in knowledge, experience, professionalism, and congeniality.
Fay Allison
14:18 29 Apr 19
We have been with Brown and Brown for a long time. I really appreciate working with Jennie on our day to day business. She is very responsive and always answers any questions or needs I have right away.
Tim Frew
17:56 22 Apr 19
Our Agency has used Brown & Brown NW for several years. They are a pleasure to work with, quick to respond to questions, and always explain things clearly. Highly recommended!
Bill Knowles
17:17 22 Apr 19
Very professional and responds quickly to any inquiry. Jennie Randall is a rock solid Lead Account Manager. We are lucky to be assigned to her team.
Vera Stoulil
16:58 22 Apr 19
Boys & Girls Aid has had the pleasure to work with Jennie Randall over the past two years. She has always been extremely responsive to our requests and provided us with accurate and clear information.
Kelly Olson
16:13 22 Apr 19
Our company has used Brown & Brown for several years. Steve and Jennie take the time to get to know us and our business to make the best possible recommendations. They come out, at a minimum, annually to review expiring policies and discuss renewals. Follow up is professional, thorough and prompt. Thank you for providing top notch, excellent customer service.
Cascia Lutz
20:59 19 Apr 19
I am very pleased with service provided by Brown and Brown. Agent Jennie Randall is always helpful and is on top of any requests I may have. Her patience with my questions and her professionalism is much appreciated. All my interactions with Brown and Brown have been positive.
Stuart Babicky
14:59 19 Apr 19
I had the good fortune of meeting Amanda late in 2018 when she requested to come introduce themselves and BBNW to my company. I was willing to listen but figured it would be the same old pitch. I was pleasantly surprised to find a broker who not only was able to find me a slightly better price for the package of insurance benefits for my company but she was also able to close some of the gaps in our coverage. Amanda took the time to explain how the closure of these coverage gaps would benefit the company but shared that as a client we had access to a suite of business services that they could provide in house which provide an added layer of protection and comfort that every business owner needs. Amanda has become a first rate partner and asset to my company and recommend her and BBNW without hesitation!
Candace White
15:31 16 Apr 19
We are incredibly happy that we found Brown & Brown NW. They are responsive, helpful and provide amazing customer service. So much so, that we have run all of our personal and company business through them!
Clay Martin
21:27 12 Apr 19
I've been using Brown & Brown Northwest now for several years now and have been happy with their service. My plan gets updated yearly and my agent regularly gets me super lower prices and pro-actively suggests consolidating plans to save more which is awesome. The best part is they shop around for me. Definitely give them a go if you're in the market.
Jocelyn Sherman
19:59 18 Mar 19
Very pleased with Brown and Brown as a whole! Especially pleased with my Agent Gretta Gerdau, shes always available to help, and goes above and beyond with assistance with her excellent customer serviceSincerely, Jocelyn Sherman
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