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Accomplishing your mission requires expertise in a competitive fundraising, administrative and operational environment and your insurance partner needs to be an expert protecting you too.  Since 1870, the Brown & Brown Nonprofit Team has been partnering with nonprofit organizations to guide them through the maze of risk management, risk transfer and insurance options to create the right insurance program to fit your needs.  We handle the complexity of risk management and insurance issues so you can have the freedom to focus on your objectives.  We do this through Leadership, Relationships and Creativity.

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Over 130 nonprofit organizations nationwide rely on Brown & Brown’s leadership to provide them with risk management and insurance expertise. We provide the risk management expertise, education and staff training to prevent losses whenever and wherever possible and minimize losses that may occur despite all your best efforts.

We provide:
• Employee education, training and loss control to protect your organization and your mission.
• Options for transferring the risk of loss to others through contracts and insurance.
• Guidance through the claims process when a loss occurs.
• Claims advocacy on your behalf to get your claims paid.

Relationship | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance Portland, Oregon


Properly guiding your organization through the complexities of global insurance and risk management is only possible through an intimate knowledge of your organization – knowing who you are, what you do and how you do it.

At Brown & Brown we view ourselves as your partner in the success of your mission.  To assure your goals, people from your organization are teamed with the Brown & Brown NGO Team to form your organization’s Risk Management Team. Together, we develop measurable goals and hold each other accountable throughout the year.  An annual Stewardship Report is used to measure our collective progress.

Creativity | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance Portland, Oregon


The pace at which this world is changing will only accelerate. Staying ahead of this change requires incredible creativity and commitment.  Our mission is to enhance our NGO partnerships with creative solutions using the latest technology.

That is why we provide:
•  24 hour turnaround for issuing certificates
•  24-7 claims response
•  24-7 access to your web-based risk management, including:
– Legislative updates
– Certificate tracking
– Thousands of Policy & Procedure Templates
– Volunteer Risk Management Tools
– Human Resources Management Tools
– Workers Compensation Management Tools
– Claims Management Tools

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Providing the Tools You Need to Succeed

At Brown & Brown we provide you the tools to help you succeed:
• Risk Management University – a two-day intensive educational program for seasoned risk managers in large complex organizations designed to help them stay abreast of current risk management and insurance practices
• Risk Management for Nonprofits – a series of 13 classes for employees whose job includes the integration of risk management and insurance within the organization
• An annual service plan that is developed with your team specific to your organization’s needs
• Risk Management Program Development
• Insurance Consultation
• Contractual Risk Management Consultation
• Volunteer Risk Management Training
• Claims Cost Containment

Tim Cooper | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance

Tim Cooper

Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
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Jessica Getman

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Steve Miller

Senior Vice President, Property & Casualty
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David Murray

Vice President, Property & Casualty
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Andrew O' Neal

Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
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Susanna Stewart

Vice President, Employee Benefits
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John Stott

Senior Vice President, Property & Casualty