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Brown & Brown Northwest knows Claims Advocacy is an important aspect of your Risk Management. Our support doesn’t stop with the placement of your insurance with our agency. The claims management team can provide intensive, consistent and ongoing attention to help manage the cost of a loss while providing the support you need during the claims process.

Partner with us to assist your company in designing, placing, and monitoring your claims and risk management program and effectively mitigate future losses.

Contact Brown & Brown NW to discuss the loss and to obtain information on reporting a claim. Once a claim is reported, a claim number will be assigned and an adjuster will be in contact with you to discuss the accident further, obtain a statement, and may schedule a time for your vehicle and/or property to be inspected.

Property Loss Claim | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance

Property Loss Claim

Protect your property and mitigate damages, but do not make extensive or permanent repairs. A Claims Adjuster will need to confirm coverage, assess the damages and review for final approval.

Take photos and document any emergency repairs and expenses to provide to the adjuster for review and consideration.

You may need to contact a contractor to assess the damages. Brown & Brown is happy to provide contractor referrals if needed.

Contact Brown & Brown NW to discuss the loss and to obtain information on reporting a claim.  Once a claim is reported, a claim number will be assigned and an Adjuster will be in contact with you.

Auto Loss Claim | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance

Auto Loss Claim

Contact the police if there are any injuries, the accident is blocking traffic, or if there are concerns you feel the police should address including; refusal to provide information, attempting to flee the scene, or illegal activity.

• After the accident, exchange information with all involved parties. • • The information you should obtain is:Names and contact information for all drivers, passengers and owners of vehicles or other property involved.
• Year, make, model and license plate numbers of all vehicles involved along with a description of damages.
• Description of any other property damaged along with name and contact information for the owner(s) of that property.
• Names and contact information for any witnesses. If there are no witnesses you may want to check with nearby businesses to see if they recorded the accident on a surveillance camera.
• Note if there are any injuries alleged and what those injuries are.
• You will also need to note the location of the accident and the date and time it occurred for reporting to the insurance carrier(s). If your vehicle is not drivable consider taking steps to mitigate your loss remembering to document any expenses for an insurance carrier to review.

General Liability Loss Claims | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance

General Liability Loss

A claim should be reported when you believe someone may seek reimbursement for medical expenses or damaged property. If an injury is alleged you should consider submitting the claim even if you believe you are not at fault.

When possible, fill out an incident report that includes the following:

• Date, location & description of incident.
• Name and contact information for claimant, witnesses, and employee(s) involved.
• If possible, have claimant, witnesses, and employee(s) provide a written statement.
• Take photos of damaged property and injuries when possible.
• Keep copies of any surveillance footage that shows the incident.

Contact Brown & Brown NW to discuss the loss and to obtain information on reporting a claim. Once a claim is reported, a claim number will be assigned and an adjuster will be in contact with you.

Worker's Compensation | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Claim

Individual state regulations require that worker’s compensation claims be submitted in accordance with your state’s laws. Generally speaking the following may assist you in providing an overview of the overall process of a worker’s compensation claim.

• Assist the employee in seeking medical attention if necessary.
• Complete the First Report of Injury form.
• Report the injury or illness to the applicable Worker’s Compensation insurer.
• If a third party is at fault for the injury and/or may have contributed to the injury, gather necessary information to provide to the Worker’s Compensation Insurer. This will assist them in filing or pursuing other responsible parties.
• Once the claim is reported to the Worker’s Compensation Insurer a claim number will be assigned and an adjuster will be in contact with you.​

Disaster Preparedness | Brown & Brown Northwest Insurance

Disaster Preparedness

Develop emergency plans and kits in the event of a disaster like an earthquake, flood, wildfire or flood. Brown & Brown NW can provide insurance quotes for policies for catastrophic events.

The links below provide information on how to prepare for disasters.​​

Tim Clarke | BBNW

Tim Clarke

Senior Vice President of Claims

Tim is a highly skilled executive in the insurance industry with over 30 years of business experience leading organizations. His experience includes handling complex large accounts, insurance company executive claims management, where he managed 34 claims offices, insurance agency operations and risk management, and includes law enforcement professional training and operations.

Tim is a licensed agent in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona & Nevada. He has obtained the designation as a CPCU (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter), and an AIC (Associate in Insurance Claims) through the (Insurance Institute of American AICPCU/AII). Tim is a graduate from the United States Air Force Military Police Academy (with Honors). Tim received his Bachelor of Science in Business from the Portland State University, School of Business and graduated with his Master in Legal Studies from Sandra Day O’Conner School of Law, at Arizona State University.

Please contact Tim Clarke for any questions you may have regarding your risk management policy.