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Why Brown & Brown?

healthy family

Health, Family, Business

We encourage a healthy work-life balance for all teammates. Your health and well-being come first, along with the health and well-being of your family. We believe that when we, as an organization, collectively value and support these priorities, our company will continue to be driven by a positive, engaged, and productive team.

Workplace Environment

We offer a positive and collaborative work environment. Teammates are encouraged to openly discuss any issues with leadership to ensure timely and appropriate resolutions. With our open-door policy, senior leadership is easily accessible for any of your needs.

A Meritocracy

Your tenure at a company should not parallel your reward. We are A Meritocracy, where teammates are rewarded on their performance and achievement of goals. A proactive and entrepreneurial attitude thrives in our environment by having the freedom to pursue opportunities, while having the support of a national organization.

Ownership Mindset

With the financial stability and sustained growth of an industry-leading brokerage, your success depends heavily on your efforts to be the best YOU possible. We strive to provide opportunities for teammates to have ownership in our Company and create personal wealth through participation in our Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), our 401(k), and long-term equity grants. Remarkably, over 60% of our teammates invest in our Company.
built to last

Built to Last - A Forever Company

Our Company is rapidly growing on an organic basis and through the acquisition of like-minded companies. Unlike our competitors, we will never be sold.

The Power of Be

Our BEs are a set of ten super powerful behaviors, skills and characteristics that create a link between what we do and how we do it – our cultural DNA. Learn more here.

Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity
Every successful team thrives on diversity of talent, experience, character and work ethic. At Brown & Brown, our continued success depends on the full and effective recruitment and enhancement of the most qualified teammates. Learn more about our Equal Employment Opportunity policy here.